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About Us

Blue Earth Express is a Florida-based transportation company that specializes in boat transportation services. Blue Earth was founded by Charles B. Scott and is headquartered in Bronson, FL.

At Blue Earth Express, customer satisfaction comes first, and transporting your boat safely, on-time and damage free is paramount.
With many years of experience in the transportation industry, we understand the time-sensitive needs of boat manufacturers, boat dealers and private boat shippers. 

Blue Earth drivers are very knowledgeable in multi-boat loading techniques as well as boat securement methods.
With nearly eighty years of combined experience transporting boats, our drivers have the experience required to safely transport your precious freight.

Blue Earth’s fleet currently consists of 8 trucks and 12 trailers. As of July 2013, Blue Earth has successfully transported more than 8,000 boats for many satisfied customers, including boat manufacturers and private boat owners.

Our record of outstanding customer satisfaction reinforces that Blue Earth Express is one of the nation’s finest boat-hauling companies. 

Blue Earth Express, LLC
PO BOX 1098
Bronson, FL 32621

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